Guest Post from Author/Screenwriter DERMOT DAVIS

purple flowerThe following is a guest post by the tremendously talented author/screenwriter, Dermot Davis.   I was introduced to him through his outstanding magical book, Stormy Weather, a story about a psychotherapist who is forced to confront himself when his own dreams come to life  .  Here is the author’s take on his writing muse:


I call my muse The Elusive Lady.
Despite the fact that she’s ever-present, I don’t always see or hear her. 
I don’t always see or hear her – not because she is not visible or audible, she is – but rather that most of the time, I’m not actively looking for Her presence or listening out for Her whispers. I have to remind myself and make a conscious effort to see and to hear, which, for me, at least, is not as simple as it sounds.
I can get so caught up in projects, in thinking, in planning, in work… in what I call my life, that my muse goes unseen and unheard most of the time.
Conversely, sometimes I do consciously seek Her out but for some unknown and inexplicable reason, I fail to make a connection. Even if I call Her name, I so often have become frustratingly perplexed that She seems to have gone AWOL and despite my calling out and fervent beseeching, seems nowhere to be found. 
Although She takes many forms and speaks to me through other people, symbols, signs and methaphors, it’s mostly in the stillness and in the silence that I find Her and within which I can I savor Her nurturing support. I have enjoyed many extended visits with Her in this way.
Before I start a new work or if I’m not even sure what new work to start upon, I will sit with Her in the silence and hear what She has to say. She always knows and if I’m patient and open to Her suggestions, the answers always come.
When I’m stuck in my work or in any aspect of my life or have any siginificant decision that I need to take, I will sit quietly and wait to hear Her input, which sometimes may seem unusual or not at all the advice I wanted to consider but ultimately, at the end of the day, She is always right.
I call my muse The Elusive Lady but to others She is known by many names, some of which include: the Soul, the Higher Self, Master Guide, Guardian Angel, Divine Love, Creativity, God, Godess, All That Is.
Whatever name you call Her or know Her by, perhaps it’s time to pay a visit:)


To learn more about Dermot Davis and his work, please visit his site:  And be sure to check out his wonderful books!

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