The experience of working with Brijit Reed was above my expectations. She demonstrated a highly professional approach to working with myself and my author. She was thoughtful in her editing style and took time to explain her comments. She was detailed oriented, diligent, and worked within my budget. Brijit established a good working relationship with my author and I trusted Brijit’s editorial decisions. I strongly recommend her as an editor.

—Susan Shankin, Publisher, Precocity Press



“A curious mind, an eye for detail, and a passion for the craft are hallmarks of an expert editor that Brijit has in spades. As you’d expect from a professional whose business is language, her communication is excellent. If your manuscript is approaching finished, you need to engage Brijit to polish your creation to a level readers have come to expect. You’ll find her clear, straight-talking advice is insightful and constructive. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her and look forward to working with her again.”

Colin A. White, author of The Vintage Rolex Field Guide


“Brijit handled edits on my challenging and dense writing with ease. She diligently worked on the material to grasp its content and meaning so it could be simplified and understood by those unfamiliar with my technical field. I strongly recommend her skill and expertise in delivering a professional, well written, and elegant end product.”

Eleanor Haspel-Portner, PhD


“Bravo, Brijit, you really did get this stuff, even the aspects that few people can wrap their heads around. Very nice job. — Jim”

James H. Fallon, Professor, Psychiatry & Human Behavior
School of Medicine, Professor Emeritus, Anatomy & Neurobiology
School of Medicine