Based on the true story of the 18th Dynasty Pharaoh, Akhenaten, HERETIC: THE LIFE AND DEATH OF AKHENATEN is about the reviled and neglected second son of Amenhotep III, who rose up to be Pharaoh upon the death of his Akhenaten-Front-Cover_480x720father– only to become the controversial Akhenaten, husband of Nefertiti, and father of King Tutankhamun.  Akhenaten dreams of an Egypt that has no need for soldiers or war, where the power of the priesthood does not surpass the god it serves, where art is in harmony not only with truth and nature, but with the one true god in existence, Aten.  As a revolutionary ahead of his time, Akhenaten struggles to match the dreams in his heart with the reality of his creation. When he finally realizes that his leadership and policies are failing his country, he’s faced with his own damaged psyche. In a race against time, he must choose whether or not he will hold onto the hostility and anger in his heart, or let it go in order to rebuild his country…

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“Part supernatural thriller, part time travel romance, UNBOUND is a story of historical fiction that traverses both time and space– from a modern American university town to the witch hunts and bog bodies of King James’ Scotland.”

When Anthropologist Sarah Perry attempts suicide, she unknowingly opens a portal that allows her soul to leave her body and travel through time– into the Scottish witch persecutions under the reign of King James.

Upon awakening in the hospital, Sarah learns that she’s pregnant and vows to live long enough to bring her child into the world despite her need to escape the suffering she sees around her. She returns to work and is soon sent on a dig in Scotland to determine the reason for two partially burned bodies left in a peat bog. Intrigued, she wants to learn their story, but questions her sanity when an amulet found on the dig becomes the catalyst that guides her spirit through the portal and into the body of the woman in the bog. Sarah begins experiencing life in early 17th Century Scotland through the other woman’s eyes and flesh. Unable to control or manipulate events herself, her soul is rendered to that of mere passenger. Does the amulet contain supernatural powers that allow Sarah to see through the eyes of a woman who lived over four-hundred years ago– or is she losing her mind? As Sarah relives events of the past, she must come to terms with her own life in the present– choices that ultimately affect not only herself, but those she loves…


“Do you suffer from depression, anxiety, or thoughts of suicide? Would you like to find a way to heal without using psychotherapy or medication?

The concepts in this book saved my life. Literally. For most of my adult life, I was depressed, anxious, and suicidal. Over the years, I’d tried various medications and psychotherapies with little to no improvement. It wasn’t until I became seriously ill that I found the key to living in peace. Through the practice of meditation, I’ve gained many insights that have helped me navigate and cope with the difficulties that used to make me suffer. The spiritual wisdom that I’ve obtained through this process has become my set of “credos”. This book explains the lessons I’ve learned, what the credos are, and the different meditation practices I use so you can tap into your own inner wisdom to receive the guidance that’s uniquely suited to you. You’ll also learn how applying credos to your problems can help you heal from depression and anxiety organically, and create the peace, happiness, harmony, and well-being you’ve been seeking.”