Brijit Reed

Screenplay – True Thomas

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This screenplay was inspired by an old Scottish folk tale about a man who is abducted by the queen of elves only to return to his home with the gift of prophecy. INT. ELFAME – ISOBEL’S CASTLE – GREAT HALL – NIGHT Isobel sits at the head of the table, watching in amusement while Thomas warily inspects his food as the little man in the blue hat presents it to him, one item at a time. Thomas turns a suspicious eye on the man. Isobel LAUGHS. ISOBEL Ye don’t like…read more

Book – Unbound

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The next day she was restless, unable to concentrate on her work or anything else. Since it was Sunday, she decided to go out for a drive. She found herself on scenic Capital of Texas Highway, driving at a reckless speed.   The sun blazed brilliantly in the deep blue sky. Loud rock music played on the stereo and she took the curves almost blindly as she stared straight ahead. Something caught her eye off to the right. An eagle was flying overhead and landed gracefully on a cedar. Sarah caught her…read more