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Book – A Modern Fairy Tale

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This is from a book I’m currently working on about an anxious American who inherits a cottage in England only to discover that life can be magical. Jill loaded her groceries into the Range Rover, nerves making her clumsy.  One of her bags spilled onto the tarmac and she scrambled to collect her tomatoes, spinach, and bread before someone ran them over in the parking lot.  She managed to gather her items and shove them into her tote bag before first trying to start the car from the passenger side,…read more

Screenplay – True Thomas

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This screenplay was inspired by an old Scottish folk tale about a man who is abducted by the queen of elves only to return to his home with the gift of prophecy. INT. ELFAME – ISOBEL’S CASTLE – GREAT HALL – NIGHT Isobel sits at the head of the table, watching in amusement while Thomas warily inspects his food as the little man in the blue hat presents it to him, one item at a time. Thomas turns a suspicious eye on the man. Isobel LAUGHS. ISOBEL Ye don’t like…read more