Brijit Reed

Sand And See

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see my little boat?see how it floatsupon the wavesand the mirrors?there is the whirlpoolthat tugs my wee craftthrough the remoteand capricious sea.i can predict its next phasethrough entropy and the evolutionit accompanies.hey.look at me.i’m barely 3leagues away from youon the isle of smiles,but there are too many knotsto untangle before setting out to seeyou.see my boat launch into the clouds, Sea?i’ve never been more proudto stand at the helmas i’m learning to fly.not to underwhelmthe average participant,but closing your eyes in reposeis a sufficient instrumentof propulsion for a pilot like…read more

Dog Star

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  dog star laughs in the sky, howling through the days of summer and the winters of night.   sirius guides isis through the stars on a leash of light, feeding love to the hounds of hell and felling them upon the altar of peace and truth   and the wakened osiris  stirs alternations of permutations,  transmutations and alterations of toxin to treasure,  in an eternity of evolution dogged with plight.  


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  still me, distill me. align me, refine me. finer elements inclined to the essence Divine.   comtemplosition of the juxtaposition— contempletation of the juxtaposation of the angels’ share and mine. I don’t care— it’s their spirit to drink, to claim, and to ‘shine.   solar flare, bright glare. the tense past is past time– now it’s sublime all of the time.


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GREAT i called her Great because my two grandmothers were already Grand and she was the Great One. given to a wealthy woman at 9-years-old, she was provided with a new identity and a new life. Great was re-named and re-souled long before I was born. at 22, she married a Minnesota Irishman and they created my grandmother, Catherine, who had the face of a 1940’s pin-up doll and the 13 marriage proposals to prove it. one day when i am grown, i will receive a letter that she wrote…read more


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ROOTED i cannot see your feetbeneath the table, so I do not knowif they’ve taken rootin the soil, casting branches like inverted treesdeep into the earth. if they have, i know that you are nourishedby the light that kisses your face, the rain that washes you clean, and the clouds that provide the shadethat cools your skinas they sail across the sky. if they have, i know that you are the grass that softly waves helloto the poppies and sunflowers that grow in the meadowsin ribbons of redand banners of…read more

Figure Eights

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FIGURE EIGHTS in a culture of vultures, it takes a departure to restore vitality to Nature.   no more rent. this spirit’s spent enough time and sense as a hostage to fear and discontent.   a new octave prepares for adoption by both the brave and the knave.   a telescope looking into space seeks paradigms to replace the loss of peace and hope.   a microscope looking at the human race, finds both shadowed selves and luminous face in the mirror.   a fractal of infinite reflections mends Itself…read more

A Murder Of Plaths

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A MURDER OF PLATHS a murder of plaths, reclining under a glass bell jar. a coven of ovens, filled with the hearts and minds of the sick and the blind. all breath anguished, soon to be vanquished, surreptitiously extinguished, under the silent dome, cold and alone. the losses colossal, unbearably awful and obscene. with spirits ravenous, they rise like Lazarus, hoping to wash their hearts clean. in penitent zeal, he rushes to steal kisses from their tulips and drinks of their bitter wine. the same flavor fizzes upon my own…read more


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ECLIPSE I never thought you were an alien. your star-kissed eyes— your light blazing a whole through the sky in an arc filled with two qualities— love and hate— positive negativity— well, I’m not sure, but hate ain’t the stream that bears the cross of peace and compassion. love is    infinite strings          of heartlight rippling into eternal creation. a universe in a grain of sand, electrons in the cosmos, revolving, evolving holograms. these are the airstrips for your starships, filaments bright. the go-go was right— heaven is a…read more

Paper Dolls

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PAPER DOLLS   paper dolls— dolls made of tin. wafer thin hallowed halls made of onion skin. sour grapes, headaches, tears on the chin. knee scrapes, heartaches, scars on the skin. fastball, u-haul. bad grace, saving face, crimson red lambskin divisive, decisive. jet lagged, windbag, politician, kingpin. windblown windows. ragtag baggage. a dust bin of clothes pins and a hollow mannequin. horizontal, continental. ice pick lipstick. tinctures that puncture your chagrin. lemonade, big parade. bushwacker, firecracker. pretty painted plastic dolls. wide-eyed, tongue-tied, constantly restrained and sufficiently contained. brains scattered. doesn’t…read more


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  STARDUST KITTY   these are the coordinates for the coordination of cooperation for all units in legion and those in this region of space and time.   stardust kitty, isn’t she pretty? doesn’t she snuggle and purr, her crackling fur such radiant electricity?   she pitches the spark that provides the light for our spirit to see as we travel through dark and formless night.   she shines so bright, broadcasting her light to every receiver, even the deceiver and contrite.   I am the byte. I am the…read more