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weeping willow’s spines sink into clay
where Mother Earth cradles her feet,
rooting them into the grass and dirt,
washing their souls in her tears
and perfuming them with unguents
scented with the fragrance
of lavender and sweet briars
so pleasing to Father.
Father Sky strokes her lacy crowns,
nourishing her from his sunny blue cloak,
his honeyed light shining
and flowing through her
pithy channels, estuaries, and rivers,
protecting her and lavishing her
with exquisite elixirs
poured upon her thirsty tongues,
nourishing and healing her fleshes and barks.
she drinks Father’s Sky’s sun downdowndown,
where it’s consumed by Mother Earth’s love,
conceiving beauty in her heart
and bearing such fruits to be borne
for a willow to wallow in celebration of Life.