author-photo-round      Brijit wanted to be a writer since learning to read.  She feels blessed to be able to explore so many interesting topics, whether through projects of her own or those of her clients. She’s been priviledged to get a sense of what it was like to be a young cowboy on the rodeo circuit, to understand how to read an astrological chart, to heal from Type II diabetes, to gain insight and overcome depression through meditation, and live in the hometown of one her ancestors.

Brijit’s first book, HERETIC: THE LIFE AND DEATH OF AKHENATEN, is based on one of her screenplays.  Her next book, UNBOUND, is a historical fiction loosely based on the witch persecutions in Scotland.  It too is an adaptation of one of her screenplays. 

She loves animals, art, history, cooking, science, traveling, learning about ancestors, historic homes, and meditation.  She has no musical talent whatsoever, but has an ear for good music and is probably a little too opinionated about it.  (Ever hear of Alice Russell?  Check her out!)

Follow her on Twitter: @BrijitReed