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Screenplay – Hologram

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(Working Title) This is the project I discussed with UC-Irvine neuroscientist, James Fallon. The related article can be found here. EXT. SIDEWALK – DAY The sky is overcast as Seth walks with his hands thrust in his pockets, lost in thought. As he passes a cafe, he notices a BEAUTIFUL YOUNG GIRL with very short hair. He admires her as she sits at a table reading a book. Her head is bent, the line of her neck graceful. As he stares, he realizes there’s something unusual about her neck. The…read more

Screenplay – True Thomas

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This screenplay was inspired by an old Scottish folk tale about a man who is abducted by the queen of elves only to return to his home with the gift of prophecy. INT. ELFAME – ISOBEL’S CASTLE – GREAT HALL – NIGHT Isobel sits at the head of the table, watching in amusement while Thomas warily inspects his food as the little man in the blue hat presents it to him, one item at a time. Thomas turns a suspicious eye on the man. Isobel LAUGHS. ISOBEL Ye don’t like…read more

Screenplay – The Edwards Fortune

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This screenplay was inspired by an incredible story I learned of when conducting research into my family’s history which involved the ownership and rights to the most valuable land in America– Wall Street.  While this particular scene doesn’t refer to the inheritance in the story, it is one of the more entertaining.  If you’d like to learn more about the family legend, you can read the related article I wrote here.     EXT. MURPHY FARM – MORNING Charles stops his truck in front of the Murphy’s ramshackle house, gets out, and…read more