Dervishing Ghosts

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typical occipital
division of vision
solar, bipolar
sight unseen
skeptical, pivotal
turning points,
pointing, spinning
dervishing ghosts
whirling, twirling
through the past
and the present
riveting audiences
with divoted minds
blind-sighted, divided
pitted by sorrow and pain
hearts of high caliber bullets
and bulleted trains of thought
more lack than luster in Life
jaws set uneven by slanted teeth
and tongues forked, serrated
belatedly falling still, so still
better forever than never
they can feel the ridges
of their fingerprints
upon dark matter
initiations, graduations
of revolutions and evolutions
revolving, evolving doors
uncoiling stars
lifted, gifted
garments with wings
when you see them
you’ll believe them
hindsight is foresight
futures remembered forgotten
re-membered, belonging again
i’m here to dry your tears
Beauty is a sight
to be seen