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there i sat, mournful,
cloaked in gray,
my hand clinging to the boat
as i grieved the loss
of the things that were never borne.

the glowing moon cleaved the gloom,
casting its pearly light upon the brackish lake,
shining upon my beauty, my wisdom, and my power–
lifeless– on the skiff’s blackened bottom.

i closed my eyes
and saw profane dreams
filled with the monsters and things
fashioned by my own hands
as they tugged,
and they drug
me down
and down
and down.

yet i breathed
and i hummed
and i accepted
my deaths
and i forgave them
and thanked them
and loved them.

then i opened my eyes and cut the tether.
i pushed my sorrows into the lemon light
shining softly
through the gray and milky sky,
where, nearby, the mountains
carved a barren tunnel.

now i’m washed clean
by the ocean-blue sea,
and i drift and i wish
and i dream with the stream,
floating to the banks and the gates
of a prettier world
that i fashion from its own clay

and i hear it, i hear that song
and i follow along
and see My image in the lake,
and i smile and receive Myself
and my sweet and gentle lover.

he takes me in his arms
and fills me with the stars and the light
of redemption,
healing my sorrows
with eternal love and devotion,

while lilies and blossoms
of cherry and Mandarin unfurl,
their essence exquisite, sweet,
perfumed, and refined,
uncurl and distill in my womb,
ready to be borne and lifted into the light
as i welcome my lover home
and to Life.