Future Things Well-Remembered

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i’m so glad i got to see you.

i’m glad you got to see me too.

i’m glad we got to be here 

at the same time 

and space continuum,

sharing precious oxygen

as we throw punches 

and cry victim

before we learn to fly. 


i recall my supple, perfumed skin

wrapped tightly around 

my willowed arms, 

your half-closed eyes,

your slow smoky grin. 


remember our hollow laughter, 

our prismatic eyes,

tangled hair,

and beseeching postures?


see our resilient vulnerability?

our tender bellies

and our brittle hearts?

see how they fracture

at whispered

artifacts of songs

and softly spoken words

long gone so long? 


if you close your forsaken eyes

i’ll slip through the sky

and come out the Other side,

taking your hand 

and piercing the night

into the Time 

when i can see you Whole again.


here’s to the past–

here’s to the future–

our carved and  broken hearts 




and bound

somewhere in the middle 

(and sewing living seeds 

of future things well-remembered).