Mater Nostra

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she used to bite her words

but now she spits them out 

before they waste and rot 

in her mouth,


landing in the earth

and creating worlds that are better,

taking pictures 

of the things you can not see,

recording them in her book 

for eternity.


she tugs light

from the ground

(it loses inertia)

and gives birth to

the  beauty she delivers 

through the earth,

becoming the air

that we breathe

and the things we perceive. 


pater noster, mater nostra,

matron, mother–

otras costas, 

patron, father

bipolar polarity–


Life is matter born in

paternal maternity,

fruitful verdancy, 

and creative harmony

with itself and the Other–

the father–

the brother–

the sun–

the moon–

and the darkness.