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bouncing in and out of reality, like stepping on stars—


blink in—blink out—

a swirl of color

through the prism

in between.


if I could hold

onto a moment

and bend it to fit forever

where would you be

in the fold?


tugged out of the song,

I separate,

now there’s two of me—

an observant One

fluttering over my skin,

the other weighed down

by the burdens of sin.


am I hearing the song

or am I singing along?

distortion and static

carve edges in the shape

of the melody

as it scrapes along.


I am a million shooting stars,

this is how I see myself—

I’m beautiful.

I’m golden,

shining brighter than a supernova.


and here I am

touching every moment.

I’m tucking them in my pockets.

I’m walking them home.


I’ll stitch them together—

minutes to minutes—

hours to hours.

I’ll be right here

pouring light from a jar.


when I touch dreams

they come apart

at the seams.

burn the virus

from the code.

it’s not safe to download


this rose is red.

guess how I know—

I’m coloring it in my head

and celebrating my shadow.

without it I can’t see

light dance around me.


I’m looking for you, God—

God—I’m looking for you.


where will you be?

there’s a place over here.

it’s right next to me.


these are my cells,

they resonate together.

I feel quanta around me

like a cloud

of possibilities.

the universe wants

Great Things for me.


this song writes itself,

the words already there.

a song remembered,

not written before. 

it’s every where.

it knows the score.


pluck notes from the sky

as they go by

and hang them from the moon.

when the song stuck in my throat

I swallowed it down.

the pure one that’s there

is everywhere

like the wind in the leaves.

we can tune in,

it’s there in the breeze,

a harmony of frequencies.


I feel nothing.

it feels like something

I’ve felt before.


I am the shaman.

I am the crow.

I’m here to speak words

you already know.


burning on re-entry,

alchemically altering

lead to gold.


this is nothing new. 

it’s been here before.

why stand at the door?

if you go through it

you’ll soar.