Paper Dolls

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paper dolls—
dolls made of tin.
wafer thin
hallowed halls
made of onion skin.

sour grapes,
tears on the chin.

knee scrapes,
scars on the skin.

fastball, u-haul.
bad grace, saving face,
crimson red lambskin

divisive, decisive.

jet lagged, windbag,
politician, kingpin.

windblown windows.
ragtag baggage.
a dust bin of clothes pins
and a hollow mannequin.

horizontal, continental.
ice pick lipstick.
tinctures that puncture
your chagrin.

lemonade, big parade.
bushwacker, firecracker.
pretty painted plastic dolls.
wide-eyed, tongue-tied,
constantly restrained
and sufficiently contained.

brains scattered.
doesn’t matter
to the sleeping

and insane.