Mother Deer

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Great Mother brought her deer to Life
and Life said, “don’t make sacrifices for me. i don’t give you Life
for you to take it or break it.
it is for cultivating–
not killing.”

Great Mother bowed, pressing her head
to the ground, and she said, “it is with profound
gratitude that i accept this Life and live it
to the best of my abilities.
i will instruct the flowers and the trees
to leave signal trails of my love
and devotion for You.

Life will be the message
of every buzzing bee.
love will be my heartbeat and i will send it 
through the Souls of my Feet,
into the earth
and through the seas,
for Life to reflect upon itself
and its own Divinity. “

and Life replied,
“your experience will flourish in Truth,
for you know my beauty is deeper
than the skin,
and bone
that can be clutched and bruised
by brutal hearts and careless hands.”

and Great Mother lifted her voice
and cried,
“My God, my Life is my God!
Life is God.
God is Life!”