Elementor #793


my soul is flowing water,

rippling, sweeping gently,

sometimes self snagging,

on little things. 


drawn from above,

my cells magnetically tugged

into their place in the firmament

by the greatest star,

dancing on fire.


maiden of leaves,

birds in the trees,

covered in dust,

sky like rust.


heart of silk,

flowing purple,

bursting open,

filling the sky.


leave the calf to die in the field.

it’s all right.

now softly, softly, turn away.

it becomes dust.

it blows away.


my head is filled with gold.

it forms a crown

that reaches up above,

twining branches,

holding hands with

the trees.


chasing birds.

my arms flex into wings,

spanning space,

soft down reaching down,

tenderly embracing the sphere

that spins here. 


brittle creatures

wave goodbye

and lift away. 


here I Am.

I’m here to stay.


the present radiates


I feel its light

glowing softly,

lumen the night.


every cell ticking,


like a pulsar into

the known unknown.


every twist and spiral

like a ladder of

sugared beads

that stretch into space,

coding these future nows.


raw bliss,

alive with spirit

in a constant flow

of infinite here.


of supine recline,

supple superb

muscle unwind,

unfurl and

ripple through time.