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Every god and every goddess

born from a seed of electricity,

stretches beyond the sleeping stars

and masters their velocity.

they rush together,

they contemplate their density,

they matter.


visualize this—

a sunflower spinning.

a wheel of light painting


all through the night.


cascades of sound

flowing down

in sonic liquid mercury,

filling the bowl

carved of the ear.

clay thus transformed.


it’s now crystal clear.


all of my eyes

open at once.

All Together now,

Thou Legion of One,

just show me how

life can be won

in singular duality.


how optimistic

and myopic,

these telescopic


as they dilate and contract in orbit,

in witness to creation.


the bells

in my cells,

they rise and swell,

ringing echoes

that whisper sweetly

into the future.


something beautiful like this

gathers and twists,

a handful of light

seeking to break free

and sail through the night,

leaving a trail of stars

in its wake.


a sitar,

a drone

through pendulous time,

grandfathers marking eternity

on hushed chords.


a book of changes.

the scales are heavy.

the most glacial of slumbers

tip into summers.

the most fruitful of crops

soon bear the frost,

only to be seeded with

contradictory force

once again.


come, take my hand.

together we’ll stand

on the blade of reality.

just you and me,

humming slightly off key

as we dance from one edge

to the other.