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dizzy little moon

spinning in the room,

revolving obliquely,


and sweetly,

tilting like a loon.

shine down on me

as you peel ripples

from the sea

of eternity.

oh, satellite—

you’re dishing it,

you’re slinging it

into orbit,

parting of the waves.

particles or waves?

no one knows everything

these days.

I’m getting it—

I’m bringing it home—

this moment in time

is brought to you

by the universe

and a bottle of wine.

live on every station,

broadcasting through the air,

this is me right here.

I’m everywhere.

copper gloves

filled with love,

armor for the heart,

sacred to the dove.

I am the sun

reflecting on the moon,

lighting up your eyes

with ultraviolet sight.

always revealing

your surprise and delight.

what did your ears see?

what did your eyes hear?

whisper to me softly,

from the atmosphere.

admired by the raven,

adored by the crow,

this heart of yours

is something that will grow.

loosen up, baby—

listen to me—

my words are golden,

they extend eternally,

past gothic towers

swirling below.

their summits,

their peaks,

their cradling bowers,

cast billowing shadows

on the snow.

a chasm,

a spasm,

not meant for me.

whatever it is,

it’s holy

and free.

let’s go—

let’s go to that place

where the butterflies glow

and guide us into space,

following the drone

that summoned us home.