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I never thought

you were an alien.


your star-kissed eyes—

your light blazing

a whole through the sky


in an arc

filled with two



and hate—


positive negativity—

well, I’m not sure,


but hate ain’t the stream

that bears the cross

of peace and compassion.


love is

   infinite strings

         of heartlight

rippling into eternal creation.


a universe in a grain of sand,

electrons in the cosmos,

revolving, evolving holograms.


these are the airstrips

for your starships,


filaments bright.

the go-go was right—

heaven is a place on Earth.


baby, you know what that’s worth?


circle back around again.

petals pressed against the skin.

a fragrant, perfumed room,


a silhouette across the moon.

a cameo shadow

cast on the meadow

in the luminous

and tranquil night.