Figure Eights

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in a culture of vultures,

it takes a departure

to restore vitality

to Nature.


no more rent.

this spirit’s spent

enough time

and sense

as a hostage

to fear and discontent.


a new octave

prepares for adoption

by both the brave

and the knave.


a telescope

looking into space

seeks paradigms to replace

the loss of peace and hope.


a microscope

looking at the human race,

finds both shadowed selves

and luminous face

in the mirror.


a fractal

of infinite reflections

mends Itself

from the inside out


as countless shadows participate

in endless loops

of figure eights,

conceived Holy

from reclining states

of despair and divide,

and contact with the peace and wisdom

that reside inside.


to be perfectly concise,

and exactly this precise,

light can’t be seen

without darkness.


you big and bright beaming light,

your schematics dramatic,

and frequencies static,

polychromatic and white,

cast your love into my sight.


the best that i can do

is send my love to You

in manifold amplitude,

arriving in One peace

and deepest gratitude.