Sand And See

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see my little boat?
see how it floats
upon the waves
and the mirrors?

there is the whirlpool
that tugs my wee craft
through the remote
and capricious sea.

i can predict its next phase
through entropy
and the evolution
it accompanies.

look at me.

i’m barely 3
leagues away from you
on the isle of smiles,
but there are too many knots
to untangle before setting out to see

see my boat
launch into the clouds, Sea?
i’ve never been more proud
to stand at the helm
as i’m learning to fly.

not to underwhelm
the average participant,
but closing your eyes in repose
is a sufficient instrument
of propulsion
for a pilot like me.

see the stars in the sky?
they’re not merely spangled,
but dangle at angles
in the unfurling and inky night.

pearlescent globe
dancing in suspension.
the man in the moon
is struck by the
impulse to wave
to the blue seas
of Earth.

altimeter checked,
i spread my wings,
drop into space,
and land.

thus here i am.
standing in the sand,
pressing my eye
into the sky.

i wave my hand
up at the moon’s man.

this is where i stand
when everything is grand.