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in these garments

are the remnants

of meaning and memories,

adjacent to my flesh,

and to my bones.


embroidered within my heart,

this matrix is mine.

it records the shine

of each pearl I’ve cast away.


days devoted to earth and sky,

summoning spirits

with sweetgrass-scented prayers,

in escort of the tranquil snap of sparks

and the smoky, perfumed hope

that unites us with the clouds

and drinks from the sun.


elixir of the gods

pours from the stars

and nourishes the Earth

in arcing colors of refracted light,


while humanity perches

on the sharp surface

of Occam’s blade,

tempted by illusion,

but desirous of Truth. 


we chase Maya’s dreams

with the studied aerial navigation

and the stuttered flight

of a buttery, fluttery, butterfly

…fluttering by…


on paper-thin wings

but a heart full of life.


a forest of mirrors

reflecting our faces to eternity.

infinite options for Maya,

but only One unfurling reality

in a boundless continuum—

a hum,

of Now….