Yellow Song

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every time
we bounce our sunny buttery ball
between us

it shines brighter

it gets bigger

and sings in fuzzy buzzy yellow
honey bee hums,
“this is my love,
my joy,
my light”

i see you
    –you see me–

candy-flavored sun,
spun of sunflowers,
daffodils, and buttercups
to the surface

and out into   s p a c e,
tugging me to the place
that i belong,

while the narrator
narrates my life,
speaking words of rites–
words i’ve wronged.

writer righting words–
words of wrongs left so long.

this is how i fix it–
get out of the thicket
and into that place where i flow
and bend with the stream.

this is my ticket–
my honey-lemon golden-cream
sonic-citric-yellow song.

toss me the sunlight.
i’ll pass it along.