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you poured me in your cup 
but i never measured up
to what you wanted 
from me
or your dreams 
for my future. 

i can see–
i can see 
from the Light 
behind my eyes
that you never were a wise
or humane

your mind was brutal.
your heart was insane. 
you always took–
always took
more than you gave–
breaking waves
of hearts
as you dug graves
for a better Life
and a better future.

i complied for a while,
consumed and defiled
by your utility of hostility
against Our true Nature. 

you were still crawling 
when i left you on your belly,
yelling, hissing, insisting 
that the world belongs to you
as you seduced me with your bait
and demanded that i pay you 
with my tears, my blood, my devotion.

i refuse to behave
and i won’t be a slave
to the savage world 
you’ve created.
i will excise your lies
from my flesh,
and consume them
in the flame of Beauty.  

i’ll ascend from the ashes
lashing my heart
to the world i create
for Myself
and for others.

i’ll devour the snake
before it chokes me, 
finally to wake 
the Ouroboros,
charming the shape
of a spiraling coil,
rising from the soil 
of Truth and Beauty
and Life.

the world i knew and defied
will fall   a w a y–
and inscribed 
with, “Renewal,” in light,
showering the earth
in flowering peace
and flourishing compassion,
as i dream better worlds
for creation–
absolving, redeeming
my sins and contrition.