Healing From Depression

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Lighthearted: How I Healed From Depression And You Can Too!

Alec Michael Smith Aug. 25, 1992 – Aug. 27, 2017

I lost my cousin, Alec, to suicide at the end of August. I’d already been working on a book about how I healed myself from the severe clinical depression I’ve had for most of my adult life, but losing a loved one really made the need to share what I’ve learned more urgent.

I never had a chance to sit down and talk to Alec and let him know that there really is a possibility of finding peace because I didn’t know he was suffering. So many people hide their anguish, that depression and suicidal thoughts are often only discovered when it’s too late. If there’s a chance that even one person can hear my message and be saved, I think it’s worth sharing.

If you or anyone you know is suffering from depression, anxiety, and even contemplating suicide, please get this book right now.

I wish you all peace.

PS… If you’re currently seeing a physician, psychiatrist, or even a psychologist (and especially if you’re on medication), it’s CRUCIAL that you continue to do so. This book is meant to be read and applied concurrently in that situation and only intended as a stand-alone if you’re NOT ALREADY under medical care.

Lighthearted: How I Healed From Depression And You Can Too!

From the cover:

“Do you suffer from depression, anxiety, or thoughts of suicide? Would you like to find a way to heal without using psychotherapy or medication?

The concepts in this book saved my life. Literally. For most of my adult life, I was depressed, anxious, and suicidal. Over the years, I’d tried various medications and psychotherapies with little to no improvement. It wasn’t until I became seriously ill that I found the key to living in peace. Through the practice of meditation, I’ve gained many insights that have helped me navigate and cope with the difficulties that used to make me suffer. The spiritual wisdom that I’ve obtained through this process has become my set of “credos”. This book explains the lessons I’ve learned, what the credos are, and the different meditation practices I use so you can tap into your own inner wisdom to receive the guidance that’s uniquely suited to you. You’ll also learn how applying credos to your problems can help you heal from depression and anxiety organically, and create the peace, happiness, harmony, and well-being you’ve been seeking.”