Brijit Reed


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  STARDUST KITTY   these are the coordinates for the coordination of cooperation for all units in legion and those in this region of space and time.   stardust kitty, isn’t she pretty? doesn’t she snuggle and purr, her crackling fur such radiant electricity?   she pitches the spark that provides the light for our spirit to see as we travel through dark and formless night.   she shines so bright, broadcasting her light to every receiver, even the deceiver and contrite.   I am the byte. I am the…read more

Healing From Depression

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Lighthearted: How I Healed From Depression And You Can Too! I lost my cousin, Alec, to suicide at the end of August. I’d already been working on a book about how I healed myself from the severe clinical depression I’ve had for most of my adult life, but losing a loved one really made the need to share what I’ve learned more urgent. I never had a chance to sit down and talk to Alec and let him know that there really is a possibility of finding peace because I…read more

Conquering Fears: Public Speaking

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I have a great story to tell about the legend of a family fortune I discovered when conducting research on the Edwards line of my family.  I know that one of the best ways to get it out there is to share it with a live audience.  As a writer, public speaking doesn’t come naturally to me.  The last time I spoke in front of a group was over twenty years ago when I was asked to present my thesis at an anthropology conference in Chicago. Even back then all…read more

The Writer’s Playlist: Story Inspiration

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For me, music is by far the most powerful tool to help me tap into the right headspace when I’m writing.  Here are a few songs that help me get there: Cheers Darlin’ by Damien Rice always makes me think of grief and betrayal.  I picture a man sitting at a table with a lit cigarette while pouring himself a glass of whiskey. Man In The Long Black Coat by Joan Osborne calls to mind misty hollows full of poverty and desperate women who fall for the wrong men. Mirror Mirror On…read more