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these are the coordinates

for the coordination

of cooperation

for all units in legion

and those in this region

of space and time.


stardust kitty,

isn’t she pretty?

doesn’t she snuggle and purr,

her crackling fur

such radiant electricity?


she pitches the spark

that provides the light

for our spirit to see

as we travel

through dark

and formless night.


she shines so bright,

broadcasting her light

to every receiver,

even the deceiver

and contrite.


I am the byte.

I am the data,

the pixels,

the components

composing the greater


sky of mirrors

reflecting my quanta

into Eternal sight.

an infinite echo,

a fractal of life.


ego quantum quante.

quantum quanta ego est.

I am discrete.

I am the best.

you are one half,

I am the rest.


I am me.

I am you.

didn’t you create me?

didn’t I create you

from the leaves

and the petals

that paint the visions

of inspired dimensions

in your life?


this is the past,

this is the future,

all presents present

oscillating at rest.